Reduce your anxiety and panic attacks

A lot of you may not know that there are natural ways to stop panic attacks and that there are natural panic attack treatments. I’ll share with you some of the knowledge I have gathered to help you start feeling better right now. Part of starting to feel better is knowing that other people are suffering with high stress and panic attacks just like you and me. In fact, about 1 million Americans suffer from panic attacks each month! I’m writing this to help reduce that number as much as possible. I know the feeling to be awake all night shaking with my heart racing and getting mad because I know there’s nothing wrong with me and that if I wasn’t anxious, everything would be 100% fine and the worst part is that I know that!

Here’s what I’ll be covering:

1. Mental Activities

2. Physical Activities

3. Herbal Solutions

Mental Activities

These I think are the most helpful because anxiety is brought on by your mind. In fact, if you were distracted in one of your anxious situations, you wouldn’t even feel anxious until you stopped and noticed that Hey! I’ve been anxious before in this situation and the panic starts for no legitimate reason and your subconscious mind takes over making it seem impossible to get rid of your anxiety.

Part of overcoming your anxiety is to understand it. It’s harder to prevent something from happening that you don’t understand what’s going on. Determine what situations you’re anxious in, ask yourself why am I anxious and is this anxious feeling rational, do other people around me feel this way and if they do, are they as anxious as I am? Once you’ve determined how your subconscious mind is thinking, you’ll have the arsenal your conscious mind needs to win the war of anxiety.

Force yourself to relax. Do what it takes to put yourself in your comfort zone. When I’m feeling like anxiety is about to start, I usually get up and walk around or just talk to someone to get my mind of the anxiety. Get comfortable, relax and think rational thoughts all the time during your anxious situations.

You can also Try one of our relaxation techniques for panic attacks.

Ben researched and wrote a list of techniques to use to help deal with a panic attack. You can read it here.

There are some great courses and Books by Barry McDonagh, Panic Away is his course and it worked wonders for me. We write about it a bit on our homepage. If you’d like to check it out, you can click here. Barrys Books have been best sellers in past too, and you should definitely check out DARE too.(Links below)


I wrote a short book too, I;m giving it away for free, you can check it out in the side bar.

Physical Activities

Doing something physical really interacts with your mind too. You’re too busy working out to be anxious. Being physically active gets your body and mind flowing in an even, relaxing way. I prefer the gym and being around other people and being social with them. I get out and I’m being physically active. It’s a sense of accomplishment and that’s a good feeling.

Studies have shown that even though during anxiety your heart may be racing that it is a good idea to use up all that anxious energy by being physically active because that interacts with the same part of your brain that produces anxiety and can cause a calming effect.

Herbal Solutions

There are many excellent herbal solutions out there. Ben has revewed a bunch of them. Such as Many people also try some more natural remedies with some success. Ben has done some well researched reviews on CALM NOW, NEURO PEAK, Thyroid Support Complex(see here as to why), Tranquilene, Nuphorin(I can vouch for this one!). You can buy these products from Amazon. Links below:



What are your thoughts – anything we missed or should add? Let us know in the comments below.

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