About Us

Hi, I’m Ben, one of the owners of NaturalCureForAnxiety.com. Seeing as you clicked on this page, I bet you’re looking to learn a little more about what we’re all about. Well, Naturalcureforanxiey.com was founded by John in 2007(link to our first post here) following his frustrations with anxiety since the 4th grade. After growing up on medication John finally put his foot down realizing that you’re really only putting a band-aid on a festering wound and not addressing the problem at it’s core.

John set about to find a Natural Solution and thus NaturalCureForAnxiety.com was born. I came into the picture in early 2017 to help provide research and reviews on top of John’s insight. Together, we hope to create a definitive resource for Anxiety sufferers globally combining insight and experience with in-depth research and reviews of the top products on the market today.

Start reading now to learn more about us, and anxiety.